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About Me

Like most writers, I adore the printed word. They taught me to read and created a life-long passion in the process. My house is wall-to-wall books, and my Kindle gets added to at every opportunity.

I met my husband, my high-school sweetheart, because of a book. We’ve shared our love for reading ever since. While our tastes aren’t identical, there is a lot of overlap, which makes for some great conversations.

My personal tastes range from a good murder mystery to historical non-fiction, particularly military history. I guess anything that has some solid action and adventure in it will at last get a glance, provided it’s deeply character-driven. I want to read about people whose dilemma moves me and I can’t wait to see resolved, preferably with a happy outcome.

When I’m not writing non-fiction historical articles, my work tends to focus around that same action/adventure theme, emphasis on the characters, typically with a somewhat futuristic time setting and a big nod to exploring a practical spiritual approach to the world.

My current project is centered on developing an America splintered by factions and civil war – take current headlines and ask “what if” – and then setting a series of varied stories within the confines of a Texas once again seceded and struggling for survival. Only this time, there is no United States to rescue her…

What Else I Do

When I am not writing, which is far too often, I’m primarily busy with family or community work. I’m on the board of several local non-profit organizations dedicated to history and historical preservation, and a local veteran’s organization. I’m also a volunteer certified EMR/firefighter in training. Occasionally I take a stab at weeding my garden. Gardening in Texas is not for the faint of heart.

Who Do I Read?

There’s no way to cover everyone whose work I enjoy, but here’s a list of just a few favorites:

D. Nathan Hilliard (yup, he’s related…but that’s not why I read his work!)

David Weber (fabulous military science fiction)

Robert Dugoni

Steve Berry

Manning Wolfe

Mark Troy

American and Israeli military history

Gardening, Herbalism, Homesteading


Blinn College, A.A., History, 2009

Liberty University, B.S., Psychology, 2011

Gonzaga University School of Professional Studies, M.A., Organizational Leadership, 2014